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Case Study: Empowering COSEHQ to Transform Healthcare Delivery

COSEHQ, a respected nonprofit healthcare corporation, was in need of a comprehensive digital strategy to better articulate its impact and value. MANE Digital, in collaboration with M Creative, devised a holistic digital and branding solution that amplified COSEHQ's voice, optimized user engagement, and bolstered its authority in the healthcare sector.

COSEHQ design on various devices

The Challenge

COSEHQ sought to strengthen its brand identity and clarify its value proposition while engaging and nurturing stakeholder relationships and enhancing its donor appeal and fundraising strategy.

Old COSEHQ home design


Initially, COSEHQ’s website lacked a distinct personality and a strategic approach to inform and attract new users. The homepage was notably absent of essential details about COSEHQ’s mission and vision.


CME modules

Inconsistent Imagery Across Sections

The same image was used in different content sections, creating visual confusion for users.

COSEHQ old site - white space

Improper White Space Use

The line height was too small for the line length, resulting in a cramped and unreadable layout.

COSEHQ News and Updates

Disjointed Link Styling

The site lacked consistent branding, with links in various colors, creating a jarring and inconsistent user experience.

Contact Page Engagement Issues

Email addresses on the Contact page were improperly formatted, disabling the standard click-to-email interaction for users.

Partner Agency: M Creative

Invited by M Creative, a values-driven marketing agency with a solid record in foundation and fundraising communication, MANE Digital was brought on board to add technical prowess to the project. M Creative specializes in crafting narratives that inspire action and has helped clients secure over $700 million in capital campaign gifts. Together, we aimed to empower COSEHQ to make a lasting impact on healthcare delivery.

Their Client: COSEHQ

Founded in 1994, COSEHQ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit healthcare corporation focusing on research, education, and quality improvement in healthcare, especially in the context of cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. With extensive experience, COSEHQ’s efforts have proven to:

  • Implement scalable, data-driven solutions for improved clinical outcomes
  • Offer continuous education and technical assistance
  • Promote cost-effective population health best practices
  • Provide tailored, integrated care for high-risk populations with chronic conditions
  • Extend impact to rural and underserved communities in the Southeast through collaborative relationships


COSEHQ aimed to refine their digital presence, bolster their brand identity, and create an engaging online platform to foster new partnerships and support their healthcare improvement mission.

  • Strengthening Brand Identity
  • Positioning COSEHQ as an Authority in the Field
  • Clarifying the Organization’s Value Proposition
  • Improving Content Strategy
  • Enhancing Donor Appeal and Fundraising Strategy
  • Optimizing for User Experience and Engagement


Strategic Approach and Insights

M Creative refined COSEHQ’s story, making its mission and impact resonate through precise UX/UI design. Simultaneously, MANE Digital engineered solid technical solutions, aligning the rebranding strategy with COSEHQ’s unwavering commitment to healthcare improvement.


Project Solution

The Solution

We developed a fully responsive, visually engaging website that embodies COSEHQ’s brand identity and values. The content strategy, crafted in collaboration with M Creative, highlights COSEHQ’s impact and expertise, showcasing case studies, success stories, and research outcomes in an easily digestible format. The site was optimized for user engagement, with intuitive navigation, clear calls to action, and interactive elements designed to educate and inspire visitors.

Other Improvements


Project Overview

To accommodate complex content structures, we crafted adaptable component groups that can be effortlessly duplicated and modified as needed.

COSEHQ homepage & new branding

COSEHQ Homepage & Reimagined Branding

In line with COSEHQ's new direction, we designed a distinctive hexagonal logo and collaborated with our client to develop a website layout that vividly reinforces this refreshed brand identity.

newsletter module

Newsletter Integration

We engineered a versatile newsletter module that can be seamlessly incorporated into any page, enabling COSEHQ and its community to benefit from regular, engaging updates through subscriptions.


Efficient Staff Profile Management

We streamlined the process for adding new staff members to the website, ensuring a consistent and simplified experience that maintains a professional and up-to-date team page.

The Results

By crafting a modern, cohesive digital presence, we breathed new life into COSEHQ’s brand, ensuring that their online image mirrors their dedication and professionalism.

We devised a platform that encourages deeper and more meaningful interactions, both virtually through the site and physically at events, fostering stronger relationships with COSEHQ’s key stakeholders.

We reimagined COSEHQ’s impact narrative through a visually captivating and story-driven approach. This repositioning intrigues potential donors and paints a vivid picture of the tangible difference their contributions can make.

We prioritized user-centric design, streamlining navigation and content layout to create an intuitive, engaging experience for all visitors, encouraging them to explore COSEHQ’s work further.

By strategically spotlighting COSEHQ’s extensive knowledge, expertise, and successful initiatives, we solidified their reputation as a leading authority in healthcare improvement and innovation.

COSEHQ interior page design on Mac
Mary Jamis

Mary Jamis


M Creative

As an agency owner, M Creative had the good fortune to find support that Sasha and his team provide to us. They listen to our needs and constantly improve our web development process. With Sasha and MANE as a development partner, we've achieved excellent results for our nonprofit clients. I recommend Sasha and his team as a trusted and valuable digital partner for agencies and the clients they serve.

Cosehq on Macbook Pro


M Creative
  • Branding
  • Content Architecture & Strategy
  • UX/UI Design
  • Client Relations
MANE Digital
  • Website Development
  • CMS Configuration
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Integration of Third-Party Tools
  • User Testing
  • Performance Optimization
  • Quality Assurance & Bug Fixing
  • Security Measures
  • Website Launch
  • Training & Documentation

Bespoke Layouts Designed by M Creative, Constructed by MANE Digital

M Creative brilliantly designed custom website layouts, finely tuned to reflect COSEHQ’s mission and brand identity. Our team at MANE Digital then took these designs and meticulously built a robust, functional, and responsive website that breathes life into these layouts.


Our collaboration with M Creative empowered COSEHQ to articulate and showcase its significant impact on healthcare delivery more effectively. Through a meticulously crafted digital strategy and web platform, we elevated COSEHQ’s brand and provided a tool that engages, educates, and inspires action.


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