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WordPress Maintenance Services

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WordPress Maintenance Services

Ensure that your client’s websites are always running at the optimal level and speed with our WordPress maintenance services that will help you preserve your time and energy. Instead of worrying about endless edits and plugin updates, choose a plan that works in your favor.

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Our WordPress Maintenance Services Include:

WordPress Updates (plugins, theme & core files)

WordPress website themes, plugins, and core files must be frequently updated to ensure that your website is up-to-date. Besides, falling behind on the necessary updates will result in many risks and problems, including compatibility issues with third-party plugins, broken features, and security vulnerabilities. With our WordPress maintenance service, you’ll get to deliver timely themes, plugins, and core file updates to your clients, resulting in a better user experience for their website visitors. Rest assured that we will perform all the necessary testing before updating a website, keeping the entire process free of any risks and compatibility issues.

WordPress Support

Website problems and glitches are common. Once they happen, they could demand a quick reaction from an experienced professional. With our qualified team of motivated experts, your clients will always get the support they need and deserve. Our WordPress support & maintenance services will be of special value to your WooCommerce clients, who get to set up the basis for their online shop through the WordPress platform. With free and paid WooCommerce themes and plugins in the WordPress directory, owning a successful and functional online shop has never been easier. And with our WordPress support services, keeping that online shop at its peak performance is as easy as ABC.

WordPress website edits

Does it sometimes seem like there is no end to the necessary WordPress website edits? If it feels like they are taking more time than you can invest, the best thing to do is seek support through a WordPress maintenance agency. We’ve got your back! Making numerous monthly, weekly, or daily website edits constitutes a significant part of our plans. Our comprehensive WordPress maintenance service providers aren’t afraid to tackle as many edits to your clients’ website design and layouts as necessary. By doing so, we’ll ensure that every website is up-to-date, resulting in a website with minimal to no issues.

WordPress malware removal service

All websites run certain security risks. When security is breached, WordPress websites can suffer terrible consequences. But with web maintenance and support services up your sleeve, your clients will have some peace of mind knowing that their websites are always safe and sound. We’ll frequently scan WordPress websites to identify malware which will be removed when found. Once removed, our experts will ensure the problems stay far away by keeping an eye out for any vulnerability issues. It’s always better to prevent a website from being hacked and having your data jeopardized than to work on solving the consequences of security breaches.

WordPress security service

Regarding WordPress websites, nothing takes precedence over keeping them safe. The best WordPress maintenance companies focus on the different ways to harden one’s website security by using all available tools. From installing an SSL certificate to enabling proxy for websites, our services will cover all the bases, ensuring no room for error. Because there are no guarantees, we’ll constantly create WordPress website backups, giving us a viable way to restore your website to its former glory in the case of any unforeseen circumstances. But considering how much care our WordPress maintenance services will tend to your clients’ websites, there’s very little chance that something won’t go according to plan.

MANE digital team

Results speak loudly

At MANE Digital, we have developed a comprehensive approach to website maintenance that ensures our clients’ WordPress sites are secure, up-to-date, and performing optimally. We have successfully managed and maintained hundreds of WordPress websites for our clients worldwide, providing customized maintenance plans that help them save time and money. We have helped our clients improve their online presence and user experience, making us a trusted partner for agencies seeking reliable maintenance solutions for their clients’ WordPress websites.

Benefits We Provide

open communication

Transparent communication with the clients

Respecting your and your clients’ needs is our primary goal, so we always keep an open communication line. Feel free to voice any concerns and/or wishes and allow our professionals to bring them to fruition.

Reliable support

Reliable support

Our WordPress maintenance experts are here to serve you, offering their start-to-finish support as soon as you contact us. You can rely on the knowledge and experience of our experts, who will cater to you and your clients.

Experienced WordPress web developers & designers

Experienced WordPress web developers & designers

Developing and keeping a website fully functional requires a lot of industry-specific knowledge, which our WordPress web developers have in spades. Rely on the years of experience and plenty of successful projects that they have behind them.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Team experienced in WP website maintenance and support

There’s no I in the team; our WP website maintenance and support team works with that in mind. With a lot of collective and individual experience, you can be certain that our team will function together like a well-oiled machine while working on the ongoing maintenance of your clients’ WordPress websites.

As a digital agency, we cooperate with:

Branding agencies

Launching a brand requires time, effort, and dedication. The same goes for rebranding. With our complete WordPress maintenance services, you can dedicate your attention to your clients’ developing brands. At the same time, we tend to the other important aspect of their business – their websites. While you are creating and managing a branding strategy for your client, we’ll work on making a backup of their website, scanning it for vulnerability issues, and updating WP themes and plugins. Depending on your package, we can provide additional white-label services, such as website design and eCommerce services.

Digital marketing agencies

Marketing is an essential aspect of every modern business, as it helps one reach and convert their target audience and positively affects organic website traffic. From printed media to digital marketing, agencies specializing in promoting their clients must focus on a few different things – and so do we. We work with digital marketing agencies, providing white-label services that tend to the look and functionality of their clients’ websites. With joint effort, we help your clients get ahead of the competition, no matter how competitive their niche might be. Do yourself a favor by putting all of your attention into the best marketing strategies while we work on delivering premier white-label WordPress website maintenance services.

SEO agencies

Search Engine Optimization has taken the world by storm, with every business trying to rank among Google’s top search results. Well-optimized websites that use relevant keywords can reach the spot they long for, but they must put in just as much work to keep their visitors engaged and satisfied. That’s where MANE Digital enters the scene as your chosen WordPress maintenance provider. Our team will work on speeding up your website, resulting in fast loading time and improved user experience. Happy website visitors are those visitors who purchase one’s products or services, which is how our WP maintenance services will help your clients make a profit.

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with MANE on the latest re-design of my web app Qweboo 2.0. The team at MANE has a great ability to understand an app’s functionality and navigation process and make the user experience simple and easy to use for the end user. Aside from being able to take complex website ideas and simplify them for end users, they are also very creative when it comes to the aesthetics of the actual design. Bottomline is that I would not have had anyone else but MANE do the latest re-design of my web app. I had to wait quite a while to get MANE to do the re-design of my web app since they are very busy due to the demand for their work. I did not trust anyone else but MANE and that’s why the time waiting for them to work on the re-design was worth all the wait to get the right team to do the job right and to my satisfaction.

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