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eCommerce Development Services

Online shopping and eCommerce websites


eCommerce Development Services

We have been providing eCommerce development services since 2007, helping clients across multiple industries create and optimize websites tailored to align with their brand message and target audience perfectly. 

Experts at MANE Digital will help you create aesthetic websites that perform well, have top-notch security, and are crafted with your target audience in mind to promote conversion.

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Our eCommerce Development Services Include:

WooCommerce Web Development

With ease of use and intuitiveness, and being specifically created to meet web store requirements, WooCommerce enabled WordPress to dominate the eCommerce market. 

Utilizing WooCommerce as a basis for your eCommerce business is an excellent choice, yet many companies adopt predefined themes. These themes typically come with features that are not easily changeable. On the other hand, WordPress themes, which you can use for free or purchase from theme markets, may make your web shop resemble others using the same theme.

We provide a solution. Our team of specialized experts, who have been developing WooCommerce solutions since its inception in 2011, will help you stand out by remarkable performance and unique aesthetics. 

Our front-end developers and UX designers will ensure your store is distinct, recognizable, and easy to navigate. At the same time, our back-end PHP experts will provide optimal server architecture that considers your business’s future growth and ensures optimal performance regardless of the number of users.

Whether you wish to optimize your existing WooCommerce store, migrate to WooCommerce, or create a new web store, experts at MANE Digital will meet and exceed your expectations.

Highly Secure Front-end and Back-end Solutions

Cybersecurity is one of the most critical factors behind the success of any online store. Your eCommerce website should provide top-notch security to protect your customers’ data and convey its security to assure potential customers that your store is safe to use.

MANE Digital will help you create a secure eCommerce platform or improve the security of your existing web store.

Our back-end developers will resolve all potential security issues and integrate encryption and security links to guarantee your customer’s data is entirely safe.

Our front-end developers will ensure your web store security is adequately conveyed by providing trust seals and certifications that communicate truthfulness to prospective customers.

We will help you protect your customers’ data and convey your web store’s trustworthiness, leading to an increase in conversion.

White-label eCommerce Development

Many marketing agencies wish to include the development of an appealing web store for their clients as their digital service. However, most agencies are reluctant to hire and train in-house developers due to budget and time constraints.

MANE Digital collaborates with marketing agencies, providing white-label eCommerce development services. If you choose to work with us, we will cover everything necessary to create a top-notch web store for your clients, align the product perfectly with their brand identity, and exclude any reference to our company. 

Your digital or marketing agency will benefit from working with in-house designers and developers with drastically reduced costs.

Shopify Development

Shopify has helped over a million businesses move from brick-and-mortar stores to establishing an online presence. Using it to set up a successful online store makes everything from tracking visitor data and optimizing your approach to store management intuitive.

Whether you want to improve your Shopify theme to stand out from countless other web stores, develop a new theme, or migrate from another eCommerce platform, MANE Digital’s team of specialized Shopify experts will help you promptly achieve your goals.

We will enable you to set your business apart from other web stores based on Shopify while retaining all of its benefits. 

Webflow eCommerce

Webflow provides an easy-to-use, no-code solution for web store development. Its user-friendliness and no-code nature may often lead to suboptimal user experience and generic-looking storefronts.

However, your business is unique, and your web store should reflect that. MANE Digital’s eCommerce experts merge creativity with development skills and in-depth knowledge of customer behavioral trends.

Our UX designers will ensure your eCommerce website is easy to navigate, visually pleasing, and conversion-promoting. Considering your ideal customers’ psychology, we will create a web store that conveys your brand identity while aligning with customers’ preferences.

Our Webflow development team will help you create a distinctive web store with optimal user experience while retaining the short development time of Webflow solutions.

Mobile Optimization 

Today, 64% of customers use mobile phones for online shopping. Many online stores, however, need to pay more attention to the scalability of their eCommerce websites.

Our responsive design experts are well aware of that problem. They can help you expand your reach by making your store’s interface scale appropriately regardless of visitors’ devices.

We will make your eCommerce website mobile-friendly, ensure the interface is appealing and font readable regardless of the screen size and shape, and dramatically improve user experience.

Custom eCommerce Development

Even though WooCommerce, Shopify, Webflow, and other platforms provide diverse features and functionalities, more than ready-made solutions will sometimes be required to cover all your eCommerce needs.

That is where MANE Digital can help you make a difference by developing functionalities that will make your store distinctive. Whether you need to include an additional payment option, create a comprehensive order management system, or develop a unique feature to make your store stand out, our eCommerce development expert can assist you.

We will use best coding practices to develop custom eCommerce solutions that scale well and perform better than any premade feature.

eCommerce App Development

eCommerce applications are a crucial part of the contemporary shopping experience. Today’s customers prefer using applications to cover their shopping needs instead of traveling to a physical store and waiting in long queues. 

Your business can profit from this preference shift by creating effective mobile and web applications that enable you to reach previously unimaginable numbers of customers.

MANE Digital will help you do just that. With a wealth of industry experience, we will utilize our knowledge to develop applications aligned precisely with your business needs. We will create an intuitive application that is easy to navigate, performs blazingly fast, and ranks high on search engines.

By making your eCommerce application look and function ideally regardless of device, we will help you retain your existing customers and enable new ones to find you easily.

White Label eCommerce Website Design

We Have Developed eCommerce Websites in Many Industries, Including:


With almost two decades of specialized industry experience, we are experts in creating eCommerce solutions for businesses of different sizes. 

We are WordPress, WooCommerce, Webflow, and Shopify specialists who provide cutting-edge solutions that help e-commerce businesses stand out.

Through more than seventeen years of experience, we have developed over 350 websites from scratch. We helped numerous others integrate features needed to reach their eCommerce business goals and provide their customers with optimal user experience.

High Point Market on ipad

Marketing Agencies

Many agencies wish to offer eCommerce development and design services to their clients. However, most are reluctant to list web store development in their services due to the high cost and time needed to hire and train an in-house eCommerce development team.

We provide a solution by offering white-label eCommerce development services to marketing agencies to help them expand their services to the eCommerce niche.

You will have all the benefits of hiring and training developers without time and expense when working with us. We develop solutions that align precisely with your clients’ imagery without any branding from our side.

kobalt tools on ipad

Consumer Retail

In the current era in which online shopping has become a norm, having a convenient online store is even more important than having a physical store.

However, setting up an effective online store is more complex than deploying a website using premade solutions. In the highly competitive consumer retail world, you must ensure uniqueness, optimal user experience, and top-notch performance to stand out.

MANE Digital helps consumer retail businesses do just that. Through our extensive experience in developing web stores for consumer retail businesses, we have helped numerous clients establish themselves as authoritative industry leaders.

Among many clients we collaborated with, we are incredibly proud of the eCommerce platform we developed for Kobalt Tools.



Our team of eCommerce experts provides its services to Software as a Service business. By offering our expertise, we help SaaS companies create and maintain online stores.

We help SaaS companies develop eCommerce solutions tailored specifically to their needs. Experts at MANE Digital will help you integrate a store seamlessly into your platform, optimize its speed and performance, and create a secure and reliable payment system following industry standards.

Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals on imacs


Even though nonprofit organizations are not commonly associated with eCommerce services, viewing them as unrelated is a common misconception.

Nonprofit organizations are usually funded by donations, meaning they must have a convenient, easy-to-use, and safe donation system to reach out to the highest possible number of donors. Our back-end developers help nonprofits do that by integrating secure payment systems and data encryption. Simultaneously, our front-end developers and UX designers make donation systems appealing and easy to use.

Of our previous work with nonprofit organizations, we are incredibly proud of our partnership with Girls in Tech

Benefits of Professional eCommerce Development:

open communication

Increased revenue

By creating a carefully thought out user experience, professional eCommerce development encourages visitors to take the desired action. More visitors will purchase your products and become loyal customers.

Reliable support

Distinct appearance

Working with a professional eCommerce development team gives you complete creative control over your store’s visuals. As your web store’s visual appearance accounts for 94% of visitors’ first impressions, a distinct appearance will help your store stand out.

Experienced WordPress web developers & designers

Ideal user experience

Professional eCommerce developers will plan every step of your customer’s journey. They will conduct comprehensive user research, outline the preferences of your target customers, and give them precisely what they need.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Optimal performance

Professional eCommerce developers will create web stores that perform better than premade solutions. As slow-loading pages are one of the most important contributors to high bounce rates, optimizing your web store’s performance can lead to a drastic increase in revenue.

Why choose us?

We will help clients precisely define the requirements and goals.

Through almost two decades of experience developing eCommerce solutions, we became experts in planning and execution.

We provide free consultations to all our potential clients to help them clearly define their goals and steps to achieve them.

Together, we will define goals, construct a plan to achieve them, and help you create optimal eCommerce services that cater to the needs of your ideal customers.

We offer complete transparency.

Complete transparency is a crucial component of successful business collaboration. 

We keep our clients involved in every step of development. From initial planning and establishing goals and requirements to deploying your eCommerce website, we will give you comprehensive information on tasks, personnel, time frame, and expenses. 

There are no hidden costs or omitted information when working with MANE Digital.

Excellent project management and open communication

We will construct a communication plan together before starting to work on any project. Every project we work on has a dedicated project manager who facilitates effective communication, keeps our clients updated on the progress, and organizes regular weekly or biweekly meetings.

Working with us, you will benefit from working with in-house developers without hiring an additional manager and developers.

Strict adherence to deadlines

Optimal timing is everything when it comes to selling your products online. 

Working with our clients, we outline the timeframe needed to develop a particular eCommerce solution, set the deadline, and deliver a fully functional product on time.

Through decades of industry experience and meticulous adherence to requirements and deadlines, we have helped numerous clients achieve their eCommerce goals, establish a recognizable online presence, and increase sales.

Instant support and maintenance

We know that optimal performance and bug-free experience make a difference between loyal customers and bouncing visitors.

We create a support and maintenance plan with every client and follow it to the letter. By doing so, we ensure a smooth launch, resolve any issues your visitors may experience, and guarantee that your eCommerce page keeps functioning optimally and promoting conversion.

Following the maintenance plan, we will ensure that your web store stays updated with technological and behavioral trends, leading to higher conversion.

Decades of industry experience

Through almost two decades of industry experience, we have developed numerous eCommerce solutions for clients in various industries

We are a team of well-coordinated experts proficient in developing eCommerce solutions in WordPress, WooCommerce, Webflow, Shopify, and creating custom features for all four platforms.

We helped clients create efficient web stores, optimize their existing websites, integrate novel features, and increase the number of visitors and sales.

Among our numerous esteemed clients, we highlight our collaboration with Toyota, the Verizon Foundation, The W.K. Kellogg Foundation, and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Our eCommerce Development Process

Defining Requirements and Goals

Our process begins with understanding your requirements and clearly defining your eCommerce goals. 

We will learn everything about your projects, help you construct a plan to achieve your business goals, and establish the timeframe and communication plan.

In this stage, we will create user stories and consider use cases to align your eCommerce site with an ideal customer in mind.

Prototyping and Feedback

After the initial planning, our designers will create wireframes of your product’s visual elements. Those wireframes will give you an early view of your eCommerce website and its features. Wireframing and mockups will also enable you to provide feedback and help us align the product precisely with your vision.


Once you have approved the timeframe, communication plan, and the initial design, we will start the development cycle. 

We will keep the communication open during the development, keeping you updated on the development progress. Your dedicated project manager will hold regular weekly meetings to ensure the development progresses as intended and enable you to give us early feedback.


We will subject your store to rigorous testing when we finish developing your project. Our in-house team of quality assurance experts will conduct end-to-end testing. We will test all aspects of your product, resolve potential issues, and ensure a smooth launch.


Once all potential issues are resolved, our development team will conduct the deployment process. We will cover everything from databases to server configurations and ensure an ideal launch of your product.

During your eCommerce products launch phase, we will keep open communication, inform you of the entire process, and address all issues your users might experience immediately.


After a successful launch phase, our team will provide continuous support and maintenance service according to our agreement.

That way, we will ensure the continuous optimal performance of your eCommerce website. We will keep your web store up to date with current technological standards, resolve potential issues new users might have, and keep your eCommerce optimized to ensure conversion. 

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Robby Berthume Bull & Beard

Robby Berthume


Bull & Beard

Having worked with the team at MANE for nearly a decade, I can certainly give testament to their character and capability. They’ve been nothing short of a loyal, dependable partner and have brought tremendous leadership to each project they touch. Whether it’s UX/UI design, mobile, or web development, MANE is the real thing in a sea of sameness. I’ve spent well over a million dollars on MANE… and for a reason: they’re the best. Not just the best at what they do, but the best people… the kind of people I want to work with and be friends with. The kind of people I trust with my biggest projects. Work with them!

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