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WordPress Website Speed Optimization Services

Mane Digital Website Speed Optimization Services


WordPress Website Speed Optimization Services

Website speed is a crucial aspect of any online presence. As a result, many businesses are turning to our WordPress website optimization services to boost their website’s performance. We are proud to say that our experts have succeeded in improving our clients’ WordPress websites’ speed score to 80-100 for mobile devices (according to Google’s tool Pagespeed insights results).

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Our Agency Provides the Following WordPress Speed Optimization Services:

1. Website performance test

A slow website leads to a poor user experience and can harm your business’s website rankings, negatively impact conversions, and decrease revenue. Google has confirmed that 53% of visits are abandoned if a website loads for over 3 seconds.
Our solution for WordPress website speed optimization is based on thoroughly analyzing your website’s performance. Our Search Engine Optimization experts perform a detailed check of your page, taking into account factors such as the theme and plugins used on it, page load time, image and file compression, caching, and browser compatibility.”

2. Page speed optimization services

Based on this SEO audit, we provide a customized approach for improving your website’s loading time. Some possible recommendations include the following:

  • minifying JS and CSS files,
  • changes in your website’s design,
  • reducing redirects,
  • minimizing HTTP requests,
  • improving time to first byte (TTFB), as well as
  • replacing certain plugins and
  • implementing caching.

However, our strategy may include other activities depending on the current website loading time and plugins used.

3. Results tracking

MANE Digital also offers the option to monitor your page speed in the long run and to integrate relevant analytics and reporting tools, such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics, so that you can track the performance of your WordPress website over time.

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Results speak loudly

At MANE Digital, our technical SEO services have helped numerous clients improve their website speed and performance, increasing user experience and conversion rate. Our team employs various techniques, including JS and CSS files’ minification, redirection and HTTP request reduction, TTFB improvement and caching implementation, to achieve remarkable enhancements in website speed for our clients. Additionally, our changes in website design have helped streamline website functionality and improve user experience. Our expert team works closely with clients to identify areas for improvement and tailor our optimization services to meet their specific needs, resulting in measurable results and improved website performance.

Benefits We Provide


Full scope of web-based services

In addition, as MANE Digital is a white-label web design and development agency, we provide other services that the process of your website loading time optimization may need. This means you will not have to worry about implementing the required technical steps. Also, our team is always available to help you throughout the process.

Experienced WordPress web developers & designers

Experienced WordPress web developers & designers

Developing and keeping a website fully functional requires a lot of industry-specific knowledge, which our WordPress web developers have in spades. Rely on the years of experience and plenty of successful projects that they have behind them.

We Cooperate With

Branding agencies

Launching a brand requires time, effort, and dedication. The same goes for rebranding. With our complete WordPress maintenance services, you can dedicate your attention to your clients’ developing brands. At the same time, we tend to the other important aspect of their business – their websites. While you are creating and managing a branding strategy for your client, we’ll work on making a backup of their website, scanning it for vulnerability issues, and updating WP themes and plugins. Depending on your package, we can provide additional white-label services like website design and white-label eCommerce services.

Digital marketing agencies

Marketing is an essential aspect of every modern business, as it helps one reach and convert their target audience and positively affects organic website traffic. From printed media to digital marketing, agencies specializing in promoting their clients must focus on a few different things – and so do we. We work with digital marketing agencies, providing white-label services for agencies that tend to the look and functionality of their client’s websites. With joint effort, we help your clients get ahead of the competition, no matter how competitive their niche might be. Do yourself a favor by putting all of your attention into the best marketing strategies while we work on delivering premier WordPress website maintenance services.

SEO agencies

Search Engine Optimization has taken the world by storm, with every business trying to rank among Google’s top search results. Well-optimized websites that use relevant keywords can reach the spot they long for, but they must put in just as much work to keep their visitors engaged and satisfied. That’s where MANE Digital enters the scene as your agency’s chosen speed optimization provider. Our team will make your clients’ websites fast and with improved user experience. Happy website visitors are those visitors who purchase one’s products or services, which is how our services will help your clients make a profit.

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Tote + Pears

Finding a development partner isn’t easy. Lucky for us, we’ve found our team at MANE. Referred by a friend, Sasha and the group at MANE was everything we’d hoped for — reliable, strategic, and collaborative. They cared about our clients and easily integrated into our team. Often going above and beyond to make sure that the work that was delivered the team exceeded our expectations."

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