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Website Maintenance Services

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Website Maintenance Services

Do you think that website maintenance is time-consuming or overwhelming? Outsource website maintenance to MANE Digital, and we will enable you to focus on growing and managing your business while we ensure that its technical aspects run smoothly. We will help you create a comprehensive website maintenance plan and deliver a fast, secure, and optimized online experience.

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WordPress Maintenance Services

If you choose to use WordPress as your content management system, it is essential to update it regularly. You should update core files, plugins, and themes to avoid security risks, compatibility issues, and bugged features. As periodically updating your WordPress website is often time-consuming, we offer the help of our experienced team of web developers and support technicians to keep your WordPress website functioning smoothly. At the same time, you focus on other aspects of your business. When using our WordPress maintenance services, you can rest assured your site is up-to-date and secure and that we will resolve all potentially emerging issues in a record time.

Regular Updates

Regardless of the platform you base your website on, keeping up with technology updates is crucial to ensure optimal user experience. Keeping pace with the most recent updates can prevent compatibility issues, bugged features, and security risks.

Our team at MANE Digital will help you avoid the common pitfalls of outdated websites by providing comprehensive website maintenance services. Through regular updates, we will ensure that your website is up to date, has all the latest security patches, and that all features keep functioning optimally regardless of the updates of underlying technology.

We will monitor your website’s performance, troubleshoot all the issues that might cause performance drops, and fine-tune it to provide swift loading times.

Security Scanning and Updates

Your website’s security is crucial to establishing an authoritative online presence. You can confirm your reputation as a trustworthy business partner by keeping your website and your client’s data safe.

Our web maintenance services include continuous security monitoring. We install the latest security patches, scan your website regularly for potential security risks and malware, and address them immediately.

Performance Monitoring and Optimization

Almost half of website visitors will not wait more than three seconds for a website to load. If you are to maximize the number of your website’s users and conversion, performance has the highest priority. 

That’s why our web maintenance services include performance monitoring and optimization. Our team will continuously track your website’s loading times and performance and optimize it according to data to ensure optimal performance. When working with MANE Digital, the website’s performance-caused bounces will be a thing of the past.

SEO Monitoring

Apart from performance, for your site to rank high on search engines, you must ensure that all your links work correctly. Every link must lead to the active page without redirections.

However, links break from time to time. Resources you link to may disappear, a page might be unavailable, or you may move the posts and forget to update the links to them. Broken links are detrimental to your website performance. Not only will it lead to a decrease in SEO ranking, but it will also signal to the visitors that your website is not credible.

We understand the crucial importance of SEO services in establishing your online brand. Our website maintenance services include SEO monitoring and optimization. We will measure your website’s SEO metric, fix broken links and redirects, provide regular reports, and ensure your ideal clients find you easily.

Emergency Support

Regardless of the quality of your website’s maintenance, unexpected issues are sometimes bound to occur.

That’s why our web maintenance and support team is available to quickly resolve any potential issues you or your client might experience.

When using our website maintenance services, you can rest assured that we will respond quickly, troubleshoot the issue, and resolve it promptly.

Our team of experts will ensure that no unexpected bug prevents you from reaching your business goals.

Backup and Recovery

We understand the importance of safeguarding your site’s data. While security measures are undeniably crucial, you should apply backup procedures, too. 

Our website maintenance services include regular daily and weekly backups. If you need to revert the changes you’ve made, or if unforeseen issues happen, we have you covered. With a simple email or call, we will help you recover your website data and ensure that your online presence remains consistent.

When working with MANE Digital, you will have complete freedom to change your website’s content without worrying about unintended consequences, knowing that you can revert to your website’s previous version anytime. 

Whether adding new content, updating the existing content, or installing updates, your online presence will not be compromised.

Overall Site Improvements

Professional website maintenance services lead to overall website improvements. We ensure that your sites operate optimally by monitoring and optimizing server performance, preventing slowdowns during peak times and unexpected traffic increases, and resolving emerging issues promptly.

Our experts will guarantee your website is compatible with the latest browsers, devices, and web standards. By ensuring that your website scales well visually and that its back end utilizes best coding practices, your website will provide high performance with minimal unexpected issues.

When using our website maintenance services, your website will be managed by industry experts with 17+ years of experience, assuring optimal security, performance, user experience, and ranking while focusing on other aspects of your business.

Why Choose MANE Digital?

open communication

Open communication

Open communication is vital to a successful business partnership. We will keep lines of communication open, resolve all the issues you might experience promptly, and inform you of all changes and optimizations that we implement.

Reliable support

Project management

Every website we provide support and maintenance for gets a dedicated project manager. Your dedicated project manager will facilitate regular communication and ensure that they inform you of updates and your website’s metrics.

Experienced WordPress web developers & designers

Payment transparency

When working with MANE Digital, there are no hidden costs. Together, we will outline the maintenance plan, calculate expenses, and provide website maintenance services following our agreement and quote to the letter.

Prompt support

Promptly resolving emerging issues is crucial in providing an excellent user experience. When working with MANE Digital, you can rest assured that we will immediately address all the bugs you or your users might experience.

17+ years of industry experience

We are seasoned website maintenance experts. During 17+ years of industry experience, we have maintained, managed, and supported hundreds of websites based on WordPress and other content management systems. We helped numerous clients improve their website performance and keep them up-to-date while they focused on creative aspects of their business.

MANE digital team

Results speak loudly

At MANE Digital, we have developed a comprehensive approach to website maintenance that ensures our clients’ websites are secure, up-to-date, and performing optimally. We have successfully managed and maintained WordPress websites for our clients worldwide, providing customized maintenance plans that help them save time and money. We have helped our clients improve their online presence and user experience, making us a trusted partner for agencies seeking reliable maintenance solutions for their clients’ websites.

Why is Website Maintenance Important for Businesses?

open communication


Website security is essential, mainly if it stores sensitive data. Software updates and security patches ensure your and your visitors’ data is secure. Neglecting security updates can expose your website to the risk of cyber-attacks and potentially lead to extended downtime.

Reliable support

Better user experience

Long loading times and numerous broken links will turn most of your website’s visitors away. Regularly updating and optimizing your site is essential to avoid losing potential users due to suboptimal website performance. A well-maintained site will provide an engaging experience, encouraging visitors to buy your products and services.

Experienced WordPress web developers & designers

SEO ranking

Similar to website visitors, Google favors websites that are well-performing and easy to navigate. Search engines will rank your site lower if your website has broken links, long loading times, or other issues. Monitoring and optimizing your website performance is vital to ranking high on search engines and achieving your site’s full potential.


We Provide Maintenance Services Across Multiple Industries, Including:

Digital marketing and SEO agencies

Website performance, user experience, and staying up to date with the current technologies are crucial to establishing an online brand.

Ensuring that a website is well-optimized and up-to-date requires regular maintenance.

Many marketing agencies often don’t have in-house support and maintenance teams. That’s why MANE Digital offers white-label website maintenance services to marketing and SEO agencies. When working with us, you will have all the branding and SEO benefits of having in-house maintenance experts at reduced costs. We will enable you to focus on the creative aspects of your marketing campaigns while we ensure that your client’s websites are up-to-date, secure, and bug-free.

Girls In Tech Blog Design


To convey reliability to prospective volunteers and donors, nonprofit organizations must ensure their websites are secure and perform well.

Our comprehensive website maintenance services have helped numerous nonprofit organizations improve their performance. We ensure the highest possible uptime of our client’s websites and platforms and the security of their donation systems. 

Through performance monitoring and optimization, we ensure potential donors and volunteers find you quickly and have optimal experience.

Of our partnerships with nonprofit organizations, we highlight our work with Girl in Tech. Through comprehensive website maintenance and optimization, we improved platforms’ loading times by 600%, reduced page size by 50%, and improved their SEO by 90%.

Online shopping and eCommerce websites


Regular maintenance and top-notch support are essential in establishing a successful online store. 

Stores must be secure, offer high performance, and rank well on search engines to achieve business goals. We help businesses do just that by offering our wealth of experience through our website maintenance services.

We will ensure your store is secure, updated with the latest security patches, and optimized to provide high performance. Apart from keeping your customer data secure and your store performance high, we will monitor your website’s SEO metric to ensure your ideal customers find you easily.

Healthteam advantage devices


Website maintenance is of critical importance in the healthcare industry. It enables service providers to maintain trust, secure their users’ data, and comply with regulations. As healthcare websites handle sensitive user data, it is vital that the site is up-to-date and that all the potential security risks are addressed. Regular maintenance also ensures that websites align with data security regulations related to the healthcare industry.

By providing our website maintenance services to healthcare providers, we ensure that their platforms are well-maintained and secure and that their reliability is adequately conveyed.

From our extensive portfolio, we are proud of our work with HealthTeam Advantage. Working with HealthTeam Advantage, we developed a comprehensive approach to website maintenance that has led to a 78% increase in conversion rates.

Luis Andres



I’ve had the pleasure of working with MANE on the latest re-design of my web app Qweboo 2.0. The team at MANE has a great ability to understand an app’s functionality and navigation process and make the user experience simple and easy to use for the end user. Aside from being able to take complex website ideas and simplify them for end users, they are also very creative when it comes to the aesthetics of the actual design. Bottomline is that I would not have had anyone else but MANE do the latest re-design of my web app. I had to wait quite a while to get MANE to do the re-design of my web app since they are very busy due to the demand for their work. I did not trust anyone else but MANE and that’s why the time waiting for them to work on the re-design was worth all the wait to get the right team to do the job right and to my satisfaction.

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