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Case Study: Revitalizing HealthTeam Advantage - 78% Surge in Conversions & 12% Drop in CPC via Digital Strategy

In 2020, MANE Digital collaborated with New Path Digital Agency to revamp the HealthTeam Advantage website. The objective was to enhance the site's user experience, boost conversions, and solidify the brand's position as a trusted Medicare Advantage plan provider. The result was a state-of-the-art website that saw a significant surge in conversion rates, a reduction in cost-per-conversion, and a stronger brand presence.

Healthteam advantage devices

The Challenge

Reinvited by New Path Digital Agency due to our successful past collaborations, MANE Digital teamed up again to elevate Health Team Advantage’s online experience, aiming to achieve exceptional results together.

New Path Digital Agency excels at matching team members to roles that enhance their strengths, equipping clients with top-tier talent, tools, and growth strategies, and crafting messages that connect with target audiences. Their expertise in consumer-focused marketing amplified the strength of our partnership.

Their client, HealthTeam Advantage (HTA), is a leading Medicare Advantage plan provider rooted in Greensboro. Established in 2015, HTA stands as a testament to the joint vision of Cone Health and Novant Health, targeting superior quality and enriched care experiences for their community.

Project Objectives and Ambitions

With a vision to modernize their online presence and further establish their footprint in the medical insurance sector, HealthTeam Advantage (HTA) set forth a series of pivotal goals. These were driven by an underlying aspiration to serve their audience better and expand their market share. Specifically, HTA aimed to:

  • Boost sales, enrollments, and memberships.
  • Streamline the website user experience.
  • Propel HealthTeam Advantage as the top local choice for PPO and HMO insurance provisions.
  • Enhance brand perception in the medical insurance realm.
Healthteam Advantage web archive


Before our intervention, the website:

  • Showed signs of aging and posed maintenance challenges.
  • Missed a persuasive company overview, resulting in less effective call-to-actions.
  • Had difficulties instilling trust due to its layout and content presentation.


Membership Plans

Membership Plan Presentation

The critical nature of membership plans, aiming to guide visitors towards Healthteam Advantage, was not effectively conveyed, leading to underwhelming sales results.

HealthTeam Advantage iconography

Inadequate Visual Design

The use of slender icons against a grey backdrop lacked visual appeal.

Faulty Contact Form

The contact form was non-functional, and there was no CAPTCHA integration.

Lack of Design Hierarchy

The design inadequately employed the hierarchy principle. Sections appeared muddled, demanding clearer subheadings and improved white space utilization.

Project Solution

The Solution

Together with New Path Digital, we formulated a strategy centered on three fundamental pillars:

  1. Trust Building: Through meticulous data representation and a comprehensive overhaul of UX/UI, we aimed to instill a deeper sense of trust and assurance in the site’s visitors.
  2. Simplified Maintenance: Recognizing the intricacies of intertwined data, both teams collaboratively devised a systematic methodology to manage existing and future annual plans efficiently.
  3. Growth-Driven Design (GDD): A continuous feedback mechanism was established, allowing for regular monitoring and optimization of conversion rates over time.

The Results

Successfully uplifted HealthTeam Advantage's digital persona with the introduction of a cutting-edge UX/UI design, an innovative Plan Finder, and the strategic implementation of Comparable plan tables, culminating in a revitalized brand image.


Conversion Surge

With focused efforts on select campaigns and pages, the conversion rate rocketed by 78% for individual campaigns within just a quarter following the GDD methodology.


Cost Efficiency

The cost-per-conversion (CPC) metric saw a reduction by 12% in the same period, attesting to the efficacy of our strategies.

mobile webpage speed

Other Improvements

plan finder

Integrated Plan Locator

A selection box featuring counties is seamlessly integrated into the locator, swiftly guiding users to regions where HealthTeam Advantage is accessible.

Comparable tables for PPO plans

Side-by-Side PPO Plan Comparisons

These comparative tables facilitate users in making knowledgeable choices, guiding them towards enrollment with ease.

welness articles for members

Highlighted Wellness Resources for Members

These wellness articles provide essential insights and answers, fostering trust and encouraging users to opt for memberships.

Consistent Contact Details Across Pages

Presenting contact information on every page not only enhances trust but also substantially boosts the likelihood of conversions

Summary of Services for Health Team Advantage

  • Planning & Strategy
  • Content Migration
  • Website Development
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Integration of Third-Party Tools
  • Performance Optimization
  • Quality Assurance & Bug Fixing
  • Security Measures
  • Website Launch
  • User Testing
  • Post-Launch Monitoring
  • Training & Documentation
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support
  • Growth-Driven Design
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
chris whitesell

Chris Whitesell

Agency Founder

New Path Digital

Saša and his team at MANE are fantastic to work with - they have extensive experience in strategy development, UX leadership, and they always deliver lean, rock-solid code for our website development projects. When you first meet Saša, you'll discover a fantastic partner for your web and app projects. Thanks to his highly developed interpersonal skills and exceptional follow-through, he effortlessly builds trust with our staff, clients, and potential clients.


By synergizing with New Path Digital Agency, MANE Digital breathed new life into Health Team Advantage’s digital presence. The revamped website not only attracts but also assures visitors of HTA’s commitment to superior quality and enriched care experiences.

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