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Web Development Services

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Web Development Services

Are you looking to launch a new venture, revitalize your website, or seeking to expand your online business? Our web development services could be your gateway to success. Your website development needs are covered, from custom e-commerce platforms to conversion-focused websites with unique features.

MANE’s expert developers will ensure your website is a unique hub that conveys your vision and values to the world.

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Our Web Development Services Include

WordPress Web Development 

WordPress is a CMS that offers many options for users with varying coding skills, from those who are entirely technically uneducated to experienced programmers capable of creating custom WordPress solutions. Therefore, at MANE Digital, we can offer our clients the development of websites based on predefined themes and custom-developed sites tailored to their specific requests.

Our WordPress experts develop websites that are visually stunning, highly functional, and user-friendly. Whether you need a blog, a business site, or a complex web application, we’ll tailor a WordPress solution that perfectly fits your company’s needs.

Front-end Development

Your face makes the first impression; similarly, the user interface is the face of your website. Our front-end development team specializes in the customization of WordPress themes, as well as in HTML, CSS, JS, and various libraries such as Node.js and React.js.

Our developers craft visually appealing and responsive websites with high usability. They will meticulously apply the colors, fonts, and shapes defined in previously created mockups and designs.

Our web developers write clean code, ensuring optimal performance in website speed optimization, i.e., the speed at which a website loads.

Additionally, our mobile-first approach enables seamless adaptability to different screen sizes. This approach ensures that the defined design retains its integrity, offering visitors a consistent experience across all devices and aligning with Google’s standards for optimization on various screens.

Back-end Development

Tucked behind the scenes, our back-end developers build the infrastructure that powers your website. 

Some of the services we offer to our clients are: 

  • Custom WordPress dashboards, 
  • unique customized features and sections, 
  • WordPress database management, 
  • robust security, 
  • Website performance

Your website’s functionality and reliability are in safe hands with our experienced back-end developers.

eCommerce Development 

Transform your business into a digital marketplace with our e-commerce development expertise. From creating online stores to implementing secure payment gateways and optimizing websites for conversions, our team ensures your e-commerce website is primed for success.

Our team of experienced e-commerce developers creates fast, secure, and easily scalable websites. They also pay special attention to building the back-end and front-end features your shop needs according to your specifications. It is crucial to manage your products, stock, prices, etc., quickly and smoothly, ensuring they provide accurate information to customers.

Webflow Web Development 

Unsurprisingly, the number of websites built on the Webflow CMS is constantly increasing. This easy-to-use platform enables users to create both simple and very complex websites.

Our Webflow experts bring your ideas to life with custom-built websites that are visually stunning and easy for you to manage and update. Additionally, we empower our clients to handle their content and Webflow’s SEO-related elements.

Shopify Development

Our Shopify development services are the perfect fit for a robust and user-friendly eCommerce solution. We’ll customize your Shopify store to match your brand’s identity and provide an ideal shopping experience for your customers. From theme development to app integration, we’ve got you covered.

We Have Expertise In Many Industries


Our agency has played a pivotal role in developing websites that our marketing agency partners offer to their clients. In the realm of white-label web design for agencies, we provide high-quality services to marketing and branding agencies. Our services seamlessly integrate with their marketing strategies and offer features like lead generation, analytics, and content management. In doing so, we enable marketing professionals to scale the range of their services and improve their market position.


Our agency has a strong history of empowering educational institutions with effective web solutions. From user-friendly e-learning platforms to school websites that streamline communication, we’ve provided academic clients with custom web development that enhances the learning experience and facilitates administration.


Nonprofit Organizations 

We understand the unique needs of nonprofits, having worked with numerous organizations to create websites that drive engagement, donations, and social impact. Our web development solutions cater to nonprofits’ specific goals and missions, often including donation processing, volunteer management, and storytelling features.


E-commerce is at the heart of our expertise, and we’ve helped many businesses establish and expand their online presence. Our e-commerce web development experience includes:

  • Building secure, high-conversion online stores.
  • Implementing payment gateways.
  • Optimizing the user experience for uninterrupted online shopping.
Mane Digital education

We Have Expertise In Many Industries

SaaS (Software as a Service) 

We’ve assisted SaaS companies in creating robust web applications that provide users with intuitive and efficient interfaces. Our web development expertise in this industry involves building scalable, secure, and highly performant platforms that meet the unique demands of SaaS offerings.

Consumer Retail 

Our agency has a track record of enhancing the digital presence of consumer retail businesses. We’ve developed visually appealing, user-friendly websites with features like e-commerce integration, product catalog management, and personalized shopping experiences to drive sales and customer satisfaction.

WooCommerce web design and development

Real Estate 

Our agency has extensive experience in real estate web development, creating property listings, interactive maps, and user-friendly search features. We’ve helped real estate professionals leverage the web to showcase properties effectively and connect with potential buyers and renters.


We’ve been instrumental in supporting the growth of numerous start-ups with custom web solutions. Our experience includes building MVPs, scalable web applications, and investor-friendly websites that help start-ups secure funding and achieve their business objectives.

Why Choose MANE Digital?

We Write Clean Code 

Everybody knows clean code makes a soft pillow. Rest assured, we are committed to crafting a clean and efficient code at MANE Digital. It ensures that your website runs smoothly but is also easier to maintain and scale in the long run. Our experienced developers create functional, highly organized, and understandable code. This kind of code means fewer headaches and faster, more cost-effective updates. 

We Manage Projects Successfully

Our dedicated project management team ensures that every project, regardless of size or complexity, is delivered on time and within budget. We follow an agile project management process, from the initial concept to the final launch and beyond, keeping you informed and involved at every step. When you choose MANE, you choose a partner who prioritizes transparent communication, meticulous planning, and total commitment to project success.

We Solve Bugs Instantly

Unfortunately, some hiccups are bound to happen now and then. What sets MANE Digital apart is our quick response times and the agility to tackle challenges as they arise. Our developers have an eye for spotting and fixing issues, ensuring your website runs smoothly. With MANE Digital as your web development partner, you can trust that we will quickly resolve any unexpected bugs or problems.

We Have Huge Experience

With a proven track record spanning 15+ years, our team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. We’ve tackled various challenges, worked with clients from multiple industries, and honed our skills in the ever-evolving web development services landscape. We understand what works and doesn’t, allowing us to provide informed guidance and deliver exceptional results. When you choose MANE Digital, you deal with seasoned professionals who can achieve your digital objectives.

Robby Berthume Bull & Beard

Robby Berthume


Bull & Beard

Having worked with the team at MANE for nearly a decade, I can certainly give testament to their character and capability. They’ve been nothing short of a loyal, dependable partner and have brought tremendous leadership to each project they touch. Whether it’s UX/UI design, mobile, or web development, MANE is the real thing in a sea of sameness. I’ve spent well over a million dollars on MANE… and for a reason: they’re the best. Not just the best at what they do, but the best people… the kind of people I want to work with and be friends with. The kind of people I trust with my biggest projects. Work with them!

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