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WooCommerce Development Services

WooCommerce web design and development


WooCommerce Development Services

Whether you want to develop an eCommerce store from the ground up, optimize your existing store to increase revenue or develop unique features that will set you apart from the competition, our experts will meet and exceed your expectations. As a WooExpert Partner, MANE Digital agency gathers a team of top WooCommerce and WordPress developers and designers who have been creating eCommerce solutions for many years.


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Our Woocommerce Development Services Include:

WooCommerce Store Design and Development

WooCommerce is intuitive and easy to use and set up. This advantage is also a drawback. In a saturated eCommerce market, it’s nearly impossible for a company to stand out using premade solutions.

We will help you get past this obstacle. 

As the wetted WooCommerce development team and WooExpert partner, we will help you create a custom, unique store that converts.

We know all the steps of WooCommerce theme development, from design and strategy to developing and maintaining your store.

Our experienced designers will help you create a fantastic storefront and optimal user experience that promotes conversion. At the same time, our backend developers ensure that your store provides high performance and seamlessly scales with traffic increase.

Whether you are ideating an eCommerce business or wish to optimize or redesign your store, our WooExperts will provide a custom theme adapted to your business needs. 

Custom Woocommerce Themes Development And Customization

Predefined themes will only get you so far when looking to establish a recognizable and memorable online presence. For your business to reach its full potential, you probably need a unique design and optimal user experience that encourages visitors to buy your products or services. 

It requires customizing your preferred WordPress theme or building a new one from the ground up.

Carefully planned and developed themes attract customers with unique UI designs and branding aligned with your company vision. They are:

  • User-friendly storefront
  • Unique branding
  • Optimized images
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Stable performance
  • SEO-friendly structure
  • Effective calls to action

WooCommerce Performance Optimization

Optimal website performance and fast loading times are critical in increasing revenue and reaching your business potential. 

One in every four potential visitors will leave if your eCommerce site takes more than four seconds to load, and the number increases with each passing second. The majority of them will never revisit unoptimized stores.

Through WooCommerce performance optimization, we will help you avoid losing potential customers and damaging your store’s reputation. Our PHP developers and WooCommerce experts will help you optimize your store’s code, ensuring no unused features unnecessarily slow down your store. By optimizing your store’s code, we will also ensure that it scales well regardless of how fast your business growth is.

No matter whether your store has one or several thousands of products, they must be displayed effectively on your website. However, they can be significant in size and make your website slow. Considering site speed, we will implement features or plugins to resize your images without losing quality so they don’t burden your web store loading time. 

WooCommerce Integrations

Whether you wish to integrate your store with ERP, SAP, specific payment gateways, or Amazon regions so you can sell your product worldwide, MANE Digital’s team of professionals can provide unmatched quality and efficiency.

Our experienced developers will help you streamline your store management by integrating and developing solutions that perform optimally. When working with us, you don’t need to worry about features impacting your store’s performance.

Through API development and integration, we will ensure seamless connections between your e-commerce, vendors, warehouses, etc. We will connect your store with different apps and provide a seamless user experience regardless of how users access your products.

WooCommerce Payment and Shipping

Most successful eCommerce stores have one thing in common: they offer convenient payment and shipping options.

Although setting or installing payment gateway features and setting shipping methods might appear simple, usually it is not. A seamless checkout process can significantly decrease shopping cart abandonment rates and increase conversions by 35.26%.

Our WooCommerce experts will recommend adequate payment gateways and ensure they cover all popular payment options. We aim to ensure you don’t lose customers due to a lack of payment preferences.

While streamlined payment options help customers buy your product, convenient shipping encourages them to return to your shop. We will help you develop and implement a shipping strategy to increase customer retention and market your store through satisfied customers.

Woocommerce Support And Maintenance

Nothing could more harm your eCommerce store’s reputation than security breaches and bugged features.

eCommerce websites deal with sensitive data, including your customer’s payment information, prioritizing high-end security. Through regular maintenance and updates, we will ensure that your eCommerce site is safe to use and that its security is conveyed to your customers. Our dedicated maintenance team will regularly update your WooCommerce store, address security vulnerabilities, and update your plugins and features.

As the highly competitive eCommerce market leaves no place for error, our support team will promptly resolve all issues you or your customers may experience and ensure a smooth shopping experience.

WooCommerce migration services

Businesses often contemplate migrating to WooCommerce due to its intuitiveness, user-friendliness, and scalability. However, they are hesitant to do so as they wish to avoid losing customers, orders, data, and SEO rankings.

Our development experience across multiple platforms guarantees risk-free migration. As a WooExpert Partner, we have developed WooCommerce shops since its inception in 2011 and have created online stores using WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, and other platforms for over seventeen years.

Decades of multiplatform experience enabled us to ensure a smooth transition with zero downtime.

We will migrate your store to WooCommerce without risking data loss or customer loss while preserving your products, orders, images, customer information, categories, and reviews.

White Label eCommerce Website Design

We Have Developed eCommerce Websites in Many Industries, Including:


In a highly competitive eCommerce market, milliseconds of loading time, a slightly more convenient cashout process, or a unique feature make a difference between bouncing visitors and loyal customers. We help eCommerce businesses make that difference by leveraging our WooCommerce expertise.

As a WooExpert Partner, we are certified WooCommerce developers who help businesses design, redesign, develop, and optimize their stores to meet and exceed their sales goals.

Consumer Retail

Today’s customers prefer shopping online over going to a brick-and-mortar store. That behavioral trend will only increase, making eCommerce a central component of running a consumer retail company.

We helped consumer retail businesses establish a memorable online presence by designing and creating WooCommerce solutions tailored to their needs. We ensure fast loading times, convenient feature implementation, and user experience design that promotes conversion.

From our extensive portfolio, we are particularly proud of our work with Kobalt Tools and a store we developed for them.

Marketing agencies

Developing eCommerce solutions or improving upon their clients’ existing stores can be an invaluable tool for marketing agencies creating their client’s campaigns. 

However, many marketing agencies cannot hire and train in-house development teams. In the scope of white-label eCommerce development, we help marketing agencies create and optimize their client’s stores by leveraging our WooCommerce expertise.


We help SaaS companies integrate and improve their eCommerce solutions by offering our WooCommerce expertise. Our team of eCommerce experts helps companies integrate cutting-edge stores into their SaaS products. We ensure that WooCommerce features are seamlessly integrated, reliable, and secure.

Online shopping and eCommerce websites


Contrary to the name, eCommerce feature integration is a crucial part of successful nonprofit online presentations.

Integrating WooCommerce features in nonprofit organizations’ sites enables a convenient donation process. Our experienced eCommerce developers help nonprofit organizations integrate safe, intuitive, and automatized donation processes that will not turn away potential donors.

What Sets Us Apart?

open communication

Open communication and dedicated project management

Open communication is a requirement in any successful business partnership. We assign a dedicated project manager for every project we work on, who will keep you updated throughout the development process through regular meetings and allow us to modify your project according to feedback.

Swift WooCommerce development

Decades of eCommerce development experience enable us to deliver solutions in record time without compromising quality. By working with us, you will ensure your project is complete before the deadline.

Reliable support

A proven process that produces results

Developing WooCommerce solutions, we honed the efficient development process. When working with us, everything from planning and design to developing, testing, and deploying your store will function flawlessly with minimal supervision on your part.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Scalable, future-proof solutions

We ensure optimal performance and scalability by writing clear and easily maintainable code. Features we develop scale seamlessly with increased website traffic and are easily maintainable, reducing future costs.

business idea light bulb

Unique features

During 17+ years of developing PHP solutions and creating innovative front-end and back-end solutions, we have developed unique features tailored to our clients’ needs. Regardless of how unique your vision is, we will swiftly bring it to life while utilizing best coding practices and providing high-end performance.

Processes Designed for Agencies

Optimized shopping that drives revenue

Leveraging our development and web design expertise will help you increase your revenue by providing ideal performance, high visibility, and user experience. We will write optimized code to ensure optimal performance, enable customers to find you easily through SEO optimization, and carefully plan user experience to promote conversion.

Our eCommerce Development Process

Define goals and establish a plan.

We start with clearly understanding your requirements. Once we have outlined your goals, we divide our process into actionable steps, create a development plan, assign a project manager, and develop a project management and communication plan.

Create designs and prototypes.

Before starting web development, we develop wireframes and mockups to give you an early look at your website, store, or feature. By giving you an early sketch, we ensure that our design aligns with your expectations and, if needed, modify it according to your feedback.


Throughout the development, we ensure regular updates on our progress. Your dedicated project manager will conduct weekly or biweekly meetings based on your preferences. This way, you’ll stay informed about the advancement of your project, get an early look at developed features, and have the opportunity to give feedback throughout the entire development process.


After our team finishes your project’s development, we will put it to rigorous testing. Our QA team will evaluate performance and test your features across diverse scenarios to give insights on potential issues to our development team. We will address all problems identified during the testing phase and address them to ensure a smooth launch.

Launch and support

We will deploy your store and provide instant launch support. We will promptly resolve all potential issues to ensure a smooth launch and optimal experience for you and your customers.


Finally, we provide website maintenance services(LINK WHEN READY) to ensure your store continues functioning optimally.

We will keep your store up-to-date and secure by updating your CMS and plugins, installing the latest security patches, and resolving all emerging issues.

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Forrest Causby

Creative Director

M Creative

Sasha and his team are our go-to developers, delivering great digital products that match and often exceed our vision and expectations. His attention to detail, good project management, and technical expertise have helped us and our clients shine over and over again. He is constantly improving his team's process by learning from past projects. He inspires us to do better work that in turn, helps our non-profit clients achieve their goals and do more good for more people."

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