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Artarie is a curated content platform dedicated to presenting high quality, streaming content across various categories of arts and culture.


The Challenge

Due to the impact of suspension of live performances and the closing of cultural venues, arts patrons are seeking access to the experiences they have always enjoyed – from the comfort and safety of home.

The goal of Artarie is to help artists, as well as arts and cultural organizations, come back stronger than they were before the pandemic by offering a space where they can share their talents, exhibitions and programming online. It could also help expand their audiences.

Project Solution

The Solution

We worked with our Branding Agency Partner Elephant In The Room on this project. The owner Chad Cheek had the vision to help artists and arts and cultural organizations in these challenging times. 

We implemented Chad’s vision and design on the Vimeo OTT platform known for:

  • High-quality video streaming delivered with a world-class video player and CDNs
  • Build branded applications for different devices and screen resolutions
  • Streaming live content to users, including event-based live streaming
  • A content management system to upload, organize and transcode videos
  • Seamless monetization option with subscriptions for users in-app
Artarie Platform

Our Results

It was important to test the idea quickly. As experts in website design for artists , MANE Digital successfully delivered the MVP in just a few weeks.


Within Two Weeks

Most of the features delivered in just two weeks for testing the MVP.


Within a Month

All features finished within a month, followed with the dedicated support.

Artarie Macbook Pro

Summary of Services for Artarie

  • Vimeo OTT
  • Hosting Infrastructure
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Vimeo Infrastructure

Some of the layouts we implemented for Artarie on Vimeo OTT