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Case Study: MANE Digital and Picturepark - A Fusion of Strategy, Design, and Innovation

In 2017, Picturepark, a leading Swiss-based DAM and PIM solutions provider, approached MANE Digital for a pivotal project. Over a four-year collaboration that lasted until 2021, MANE Digital revitalized Picturepark's website and significantly bolstered their marketing initiatives. This comprehensive case study outlines the goals, challenges, and successful results of this partnership, demonstrating how MANE Digital empowered Picturepark to elevate its global digital presence. Following this fruitful collaboration, Picturepark attracted significant attention in its industry, ultimately leading to the company being later acquired.

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The Challenge

Picturepark is a Swiss-based company specializing in Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions. They aim to help organizations efficiently manage, organize, and share a wide variety of digital content, including images, videos, documents, and other media files.

For Picturepark, the road to global success was marked with several challenges that needed expert solutions.

  • Empowering Marketing Team Autonomy: Enable Picturepark’s marketing team to manage the website effortlessly and independently.
  • Brand and Style Unification: Harmonize website styles and branding elements across various legacy components and layouts.
  • Establishing Structured Guidelines: Develop and implement a firm structure and set of guidelines.
  • Legacy System Integration: Efficiently integrating new tools and branding with existing legacy systems.
  • User Training and Adoption: Ensuring seamless adoption and utilization.
  • Quality Assurance and Testing: Conduct thorough testing across different devices and browsers.
  • Timeline Management: Completing the project within a set timeline, without impacting ongoing campaigns.


We set clear, measurable goals, aligned with Picturepark’s core objectives, to guide our strategic approach.

  • Empower Picturepark’s marketing team with the autonomy and tools they need.
  • Establish a unified and refreshed brand identity across all digital properties.
  • Streamline and modernize the technology stack, aligning it with contemporary best practices.
  • Educate the marketing team, ensuring full adoption of the new tools and strategies.
  • Deliver a comprehensive, bug-free solution within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Our Strategic Approach

Our engagement with Picturepark was deep and consultative, crafting a strategic roadmap tailored to their unique needs based on rigorous insights and research.

  • Conducted extensive research and interviews with Picturepark’s marketing team
  • Developed a roadmap for the redesign of Picturepark’s digital presence, ensuring brand consistency
Project Solution

The Solution

Our team crafted a sleek and intuitive website design that highlights Picturepark’s commitment to Swiss quality and precision. A powerful, user-friendly CMS was key in empowering their marketing team.

  • Designed a clean and intuitive UX/UI
  • Implemented a new CMS that allows for easy content updates
  • Developed a responsive and mobile-optimized website, improving accessibility for global users


Our partnership with Picturepark was hands-on and collaborative, ensuring that the implementation phase was smooth and aligned with their expectations.

  • Worked collaboratively with Picturepark’s internal teams during the implementation phase.
  • Conducted comprehensive training sessions for Picturepark’s marketing team, easing the transition to the new platform and tools.
  • Rolled out the project in phases, allowing for meticulous quality assurance and testing at each stage.


Our collaboration with Picturepark yielded significant and impactful results, transforming their digital presence and operational efficiency.

  • Empowered Marketing Team: The new CMS enabled Picturepark’s marketing team to launch campaigns autonomously, reducing their reliance on technical support.
  • Unified Brand Identity: Achieved a seamless and consistent branding across all digital platforms.
  • Increased Efficiency: The modern, integrated solutions decreased the time spent on content management by 30%.
  • Improved User Engagement: Post-launch data showed a 25% increase in user engagement and 20% increase in page views.
  • High Adoption Rate: Training sessions led to a high adoption rate among Picturepark’s marketing team, who reported feeling confident and efficient with the new tools.
  • Timely Completion: The project was completed on time, allowing for a smooth transition without affecting Picturepark’s ongoing marketing campaigns.
  • Streamlined Content Editing: Content editing is now sped up about three times compared to the previous content editor.
  • Enhanced Website Speed: Website speed has increased three times, significantly enhancing user experience.
  • Marketing Material Support: We extended our partnership by supporting Picturepark with the production of marketing materials for their campaigns. Our design services played a key role, primarily providing essential assets that elevated their marketing initiatives.
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Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones

Marketing Manager


Saša and his agency Mane have always provided me with a high quality of service. Saša manages to carefully balance both his roles at Mane: in organizing/planning tasks for his team and also in carrying out work himself too. This is clearly reflected in the standard of Mane's output. He is great at giving regular updates on the progression of projects and will always ask for clarification if required, rather than guessing, which I appreciate. He will also provide useful suggestions related to the digital world, demonstrating a solid up-to-date knowledge of a selection of different platforms and upcoming technologies.

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Summary of Services for Picturepark

  • UX/UI Design
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Content Migration
  • Website Development
  • SEO Implementation
  • CMS Configuration
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Integration of Third-Party Tools
  • User Testing
  • Performance Optimization
  • Quality Assurance
  • Security Measures
  • Website Launch
  • Post-Launch Monitoring
  • Training & Documentation
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support
  • Design and Production of Marketing Materials

A Showcase of Custom Layouts Crafted for Picturepark

We embarked on a mission to harmonize Picturepark’s digital presence with meticulously crafted layouts. Each design, tailored to Picturepark’s unique brand identity, aimed to provide an intuitive user experience while reflecting the company’s commitment to quality and precision.

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