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SEO Outsourcing Services

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SEO Outsourcing Services

MANE Digital not only designs and develops top-notch websites, but we also optimize them to rank successfully on Google and other search engines. We adopt a holistic approach to our clients’ business needs and business goals. The SEO outsourcing services that MANE Digital offers focus on boosting conversions and increasing sales. We approach each website strategically, covering a comprehensive range of SEO services, including auditing, on-page optimization, technical SEO, local optimization, and off-site SEO.

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Our SEO services include:

1. SEO Audit and Competitive Research

Whether your website is new or already established, MANE Digital will thoroughly analyze the market and your competitors. Additionally, we will perform an in-depth SEO audit if your current website exists. These analyses will help us pinpoint your website’s strengths and weaknesses and uncover opportunities for enhancement to achieve higher search engine rankings and attract more organic traffic. Based on this data, we’ll craft a customized SEO strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

2. Website Architecture and User Journey Stages

When designing a website from scratch, we emphasize website architecture, page structure, content types, UX, and elements related to conversion rate optimization. This approach allows us to monitor and control link equity distribution, the flow of the user journey, and the stages of the sales funnel. While these elements might not be directly tied to SEO, we consider them essential because the conversion rate depends on them as much as it does on SEO.
Moreover, we adopt the Growth-Driven Design approach, streamlining the process and enhancing efficiency.

3. On-page SEO Services

On-page SEO involves optimizing meta elements, including H tags, page titles, descriptions, and the organization of internal links on a website. These elements provide direct information to Google about the website’s content, relevance, and the cluster it belongs to. While on-page elements may not hold as much significance as they did in the past, they remain crucial. Therefore, their optimization is integral to MANE Digital’s SEO process.

4. Technical SEO Service

Without robust technical foundations, expecting a website to achieve high rankings is challenging, particularly in competitive niches and markets. At MANE Digital, thanks to our team of seasoned developers, we incorporate advanced technical SEO techniques right from the onset of the website design process. When optimizing an existing website we didn’t originally build, we address and rectify all issues from an SEO standpoint. Whether it’s related to robots.txt, sitemap implementation or corrections, speed optimization, duplicate content, or problematic URLs, our web development team will adeptly handle and resolve them.

5. Off-page SEO Services

Backlinks remain a pivotal factor that Google considers when determining the quality of a website. This is especially paramount in competitive niches. We are committed to helping you secure high-quality backlinks from pertinent websites.

6. Local Search Engine Optimization Services

Local SEO holds special importance for businesses with brick-and-mortar establishments. It enhances your website’s rankings for location-based searches, such as those using “near me” and similar phrases. We will assist you in optimizing your Google Business Profile and bolstering your local SEO standings.

Results speak loudly

As a trusted partner, MANE Digital Agency has enhanced conversions and sales for its clients by providing guidance and recommendations in the domains of CRO and SEO.

Benefits of Working With Us

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One-stop Solution for Website Design and SEO

Many web development agencies often overlook SEO during the website creation process. This oversight forces clients to engage an SEO agency and then to modify the website to make it rank-friendly. With us, you’ll receive a product that is both SEO-optimized and designed for conversions.

Time and Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Besides our integrated approach, another financial advantage is that you won’t incur additional costs from having two separate agencies address the same issues consecutively. Our teams of developers, designers, and SEO consultants collaborate closely to establish a coherent structure and a detailed plan. This ensures every facet of the project harmoniously aligns.

Experienced web developers & designers

Team of Experts

Our in-house roster of developers, designers, SEO consultants, content creators, and project managers gives us a distinct advantage. This breadth of expertise lets us realize any feature or element a client envisions. Moreover, the proficiency of our team empowers us to experiment with and execute technically advanced SEO strategies. Should any issues or glitches arise, we’re poised to respond promptly, ensuring everything operates seamlessly.

Professional website design

Result-Oriented Approach

At MANE Digital, our ethos is rooted in crafting products that fulfil objectives — the specific outcomes our clients target. When you collaborate with us, we’re not just ticking off a list of features; we’re delivering a website infused with nuanced details pivotal for driving sales and conversions. Furthermore, we consistently monitor, test, and refine segments that are not delivering the anticipated results

chris whitesell

Chris Whitesell

Agency Owner

New Path Digital

Saša and his team at MANE are fantastic to work with - they have extensive experience in strategy development, UX leadership, and they always deliver lean, rock-solid code for our website development projects. When you first meet Saša, you'll discover a fantastic partner for your web and app projects. Thanks to his highly developed interpersonal skills and exceptional follow-through, he effortlessly builds trust with our staff, clients, and potential clients.

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At MANE Digital, we have designed, developed, and successfully optimized tens of websites for our clients.

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