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Make sure that your healthcare website design stands out from the crowd by using the knowledge and expertise our professionals possess. With plenty of experience, a number of successfully built and designed websites in the healthcare niche, and a team of experts who will work side by side with you, there’s every chance that you will end up with a website that’s 100% what you have envisioned. Feel free to contact Mane Digital agency when in need of professional yet cost-effective WP website design and development services and leave it up to experts to create a mobile-friendly website for your visitors to enjoy.

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Why Do Healthcare Institutions Need High-Quality Website Design and Development Services?

It showcases its services

Every medical practice provides services that they want to showcase. High-quality website design serves the purpose of familiarizing your website visitors with your entire offer, but it’s supposed to do that in the right manner. From providing value-added content, accurate descriptions of your services to giving a general idea regarding the prices and your availability, the services portion should be the focal point of your website.

Medical websites that skimp out on the details usually get overlooked. When it comes to their health, people always want to have an accurate representation of what they can expect. The team behind the services (and their educational background) oftentimes plays the most important role in the decision-making process of which institution a person wants to pick.

We here at MANE Digital agency will ensure that the brand-appropriate website design contains all the relevant pieces of information you provide us with. An elaborate description of the services in combination with the people behind them should result in a medical website that instills trust and confidence – bringing us to our next point of order.

Establishes confidence in the medical center

In the business world, it’s all about trustworthiness. While medical institutions aren’t regular businesses as their line of work deals with the most important things in life, they still need to get people’s trust and approval. In fact, it’s even more important for them to do so, as nobody wants to gamble with their health.

This is why a well-developed website with incorporated branding and EEAT features is necessary, as it’s usually the first thing people come in contact with when considering whether to use a certain institution. Once in need of medical, dental, or physical therapy websites, people will spend time browsing through a number of pages just to find a place that they trust. Transparent presentation of your medical team, with doctors’ resumes and dedicated pages, will give more authority to your medical institution.

Let us do our part in getting people to have full confidence that they are choosing the right place for themselves. We will have the needs of your target audience in mind when designing your website. Those needs will be considered every step of the way – from choosing the appropriate base colors to adding images to your gallery, the most important thing won’t escape our minds.

Facilitating online appointments.

Due to the incredible development of technology, it’s now possible to seek and book medical care online. Most medical centers and hospitals’ websites have a sleek and easy process of booking appointments online. It is a necessary feature, website visitors got used to.

On the other side, some branches of the healthcare industry make it possible to receive full care through online consultations, while others can only give an initial assessment, after which you will need to be seen for treatment. No matter the branch in question (psychology, dentistry, gynecology, etc.), one thing is a certainty – it’s going to take a great healthcare website design to make sure that your clients are satisfied.

Websites for physical therapy institutions will significantly differ from custom websites for dentists. However, you can trust MANE Digital’s team of medical website design experts when it comes to building a site that will facilitate booking and having online appointments in a fashion that’s most appropriate to your institution. This opens you up to receiving patients from areas that are outside of your city zone, allowing your business to grow organically.

Offering secure interactive patient portals.

Sometimes, management and keeping track of all the medical data regarding one’s treatment is next to impossible. Patients tend to forget the crucial pieces of information regarding their therapy, including even the name of their doctor or therapist. Therefore, they can benefit from having a dedicated patient portal that will fill in the blanks for them.

High-quality website design and development company will create a place where one can get all the important information regarding their case. The healthcare services are usually available 24/7, which makes it convenient for patients, as all they need is steady Internet access.

While it might seem like patient portals benefit patients the most, they are actually just as beneficial for healthcare providers. A secure patient portal that works without a glitch will get people to trust an institution, which will then reap the benefits that come with a good reputation. Of course, sufficient effort will have to be put into tailoring a patient portal that will be safe and secure – a process that is best left to our specialized team of custom website experts.

Benefits of Working With Us

Time and Cost Savings

We have expertise in the medical niche

The job of medical website designers and developers is to provide hospitals and healthcare companies with a site that will showcase all the important things regarding their services. With the expertise that we have in the industry, we won’t have a problem deciding which pieces of information need to be highlighted without being too overbearing.

Customized Solutions

Custom design and development

Web design for medical purposes should be unique and targeted toward the right audience. Most importantly, it shouldn’t resemble anything that the market already has. Leave it up to our designers to create a website that will be different, as well as fully in accordance with your vision.


Web design focused on conversions

Creating a healthcare website that converts new visitors to real-life clients is not an easy feat. But with MANE Digital’s help, you’ll not only have a mobile-friendly website that attracts organic traffic – you’ll also be able to achieve growth of your business.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Easy communication and design process flow

MANE Digital’s team of medical website designers will always be at your disposal for any questions and requests that you might have. The communication and design process will be streamlined, resulting in a website that will be delivered in the agreed time frame.

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Seeking a proficient ally for website design and development services for your healthcare institution? Your search ends here!

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Important Features of Medical Websites and the Approaches MANE Digital Applies

High data security features (HIPPA-compliant data security measures).

MANE Digital and our team of experts strive to create secure websites where data theft won’t be an issue. Rest assured that our professionals will offer the best hospital web design or redesign service without compromising on safety.

Data encryption, antivirus software, and automatic log-off are only a few measures of precaution that we will take in order to create a website that is safe for all of your users. You’ll get the best of both worlds with Mane Digital, as you’ll have an aesthetically-appealing site that’s also as secure as it gets.

Patient-centered design.

Our professionals know how to use the right combination of colors and graphics in order to achieve a design that exudes tranquility and peacefulness. We will follow that up with the right visuals, further instilling confidence in your medical practice.

Every reliable medical web design company needs to understand who the website is being made for – at MANE Digital, we are happy to say that we help tailor medical websites that are focused on one’s patients. This group of people usually faces unique challenges, which is why we aim to provide guidance and support by creating medical websites that ooze calmness.


EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) is crucial part of Search Engine Optimization especially of medical practice websites. It establishes credibility and helps website rank better. MANE Digital team follows the last Google updates, and knows how to implement those features in design of the website.

Rely on MANE Digital to design and develop a healthcare website that fits the criteria and is easily discovered by individuals. We aim to help you achieve organic website visits, which are obtained through the implementation of a few things at the same time –EEAT features being among the most important ones.

The approaches MANE Digital applies

Specializing in crafting influential websites for hospitals and other medical entities, MANE Digital, a web design and development company, applies bespoke strategies and solutions to tackle essential aspects effectively.

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Finding a development partner isn’t easy. Lucky for us, we’ve found our team at MANE. Referred by a friend, Sasha and the group at MANE was everything we’d hoped for — reliable, strategic, and collaborative. They cared about our clients and easily integrated into our team. Often going above and beyond to make sure that the work that was delivered the team exceeded our expectations."

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