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Case Study: Propelling Jet It's Brand to New Altitudes - A Strategic Synergy by MANE Digital & Common Giant

In 2020, Jet It, an ambitious private aviation firm, approached Common Giant with the aim to elevate their brand presence and market trustworthiness. Recognizing the opportunity for a robust collaboration, Common Giant teamed up with MANE Digital. Together, we embarked on a comprehensive brand transformation and digital overhaul for Jet It. This united effort not only refined Jet It's unique value proposition but also expanded their reach and solidified their standing in the aviation industry.


The Challenge

Jet It struggled with unclear brand messaging, resulting in limited market visibility, potential clients’ mistrust, competition overshadowing their unique offerings, and inconsistent brand experiences.


Initial Ascent: Jet It's Preliminary Assessment

Before the collaboration, Jet It’s branding was ambiguous, lacking clear messaging that accurately conveyed the unique benefits of their fractional ownership model. This obscurity risked skepticism among potential clients, made them vulnerable to competition, and resulted in an inconsistent brand experience.

Flight Crew Unite: The Combined Forces Behind Jet It

Lead Strategist – Common Giant: More than just a branding agency, Common Giant is the modern storyteller, crafting brand narratives rooted in authenticity. Based in Winston-Salem, their ethos revolves around understanding and enhancing a brand’s heart, making them an invaluable business ally.

Digital Maven – MANE Digital: As a digital powerhouse, MANE Digital bridges the gap between innovation and execution. With a knack for capturing audiences in the digital realm, they amplify a brand’s voice, ensuring it resonates in every corner of the digital landscape.

Visionary Client – Jet It: The brainwork of aviation aficionados, Jet It has reshaped the private aviation sector with its fractional ownership blueprint. This strategy lets clients indulge in the luxuries of private flights without the commitment of full ownership. Championed by the reputable HondaJet, Jet It offers a blend of efficiency and grandeur, marking its spot as an avant-garde in affordable luxury air travel.

Navigating the Storm: Challenges Faced by Jet It

In their pursuit to soar higher, Jet It encountered several headwinds:

  • Lack of Awareness: The absence of succinct brand communication limited their visibility in the expansive aviation market.
  • Misunderstanding of Value Proposition: Despite offering a distinctive fractional ownership model, its benefits remained clouded to the potential audience.
  • Difficulty in Building Trust: Ambiguities in the brand’s positioning left room for doubt and uncertainty among would-be clientele.
  • Competitive Disadvantage: The looming shadows of seasoned competitors posed threats to Jet It’s nascent market stance.
  • Inconsistent Customer Experience: Without a defined brand storyline, there lay a potential pitfall of delivering varied service experiences to clients.

Charting the Destination: Jet It’s Projected Goals

Jet It embarked on a pivotal journey aiming to carve a distinct space for itself within the aviation industry. Here’s a glimpse of the aspirations that fueled their drive:

  • Improved Recognition: They sought to magnify their presence, ensuring that Jet It became a household name in the aviation sector.
  • Clearer Value Proposition: The focus was on crisply articulating their unique services and offers to prospective clients.
  • Enhanced Trust: In a domain where trust can make or break deals, Jet It aimed to fortify their credibility among stakeholders.
  • Market Differentiation: To rise above the crowd, it was vital for Jet It to establish what sets them apart from the competition.
  • Increased Employee Morale and Retention: Recognizing that their team was their biggest asset, Jet It endeavored to boost internal morale, ensuring their staff took pride in the brand.
  • Extended Market Reach: Jet It eyed territories and demographics they had previously not tapped into, widening their client base.
  • Higher Perceived Value: By positioning themselves strategically, the objective was to heighten the overall worth and esteem of the Jet It brand in the market’s eyes.

The Solution

Leveraging Common Giant’s branding expertise and MANE Digital’s digital prowess, a cohesive brand identity for Jet It was sculpted. This transformation was reflected in an optimized website experience, bolstered SEO visibility, and streamlined lead management through Salesforce and Pardot integrations. Combined, these strategies, underpinned by data-driven insights, effectively narrated Jet It’s unique story across digital platforms.

Route Mapping: The Strategic Trajectory

In a rapidly evolving aviation market, a strategic compass is paramount. Through a blend of expertise from both Common Giant and MANE Digital, we embarked on a methodical journey to uplift Jet It’s brand presence.

Alignment & Understanding
Through joint workshops and unified client analysis, both agencies embarked on a shared journey of discovery and alignment.

Branding (Common Giant)
Research-driven strategies formulated a brand narrative bolstered by a captivating visual identity.

Digital Implementation (MANE Digital)
A comprehensive digital strategy saw the brand’s essence mirrored online, supported by SEO-optimized content and marketing campaigns.

Feedback & Iteration
Regular check-ins ensured alignment, while data analytics informed strategy refinements.

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Journey to New Heights: Carving Out a Dynamic Solution

Drawing from branding finesse and digital acumen, our combined efforts transformed not just the brand’s appearance but also its operational backbone:

Integrated Brand Essence
Common Giant sculpted a resonant brand strategy and visual language. In harmony, MANE Digital reflected this persona online, fortifying brand coherence.

Enhanced Digital Footprint
A rejuvenated website experience emerged, while strategic SEO measures intensified online prominence.

Seamless Lead Navigation
Salesforce and Pardot integrations refined the journey of lead capture, enriching the nurture phase.

Analytics at the Helm
Bespoke insights underpinned our strategic orientations, finetuning performance.

Digital Storytelling
United, both agencies narrated Jet It’s tale across diverse digital canvases, fostering engagement.


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Service Skyline: Overview of Jet It's Tailored Solutions

Common Giant
  • Branding Strategy & Development
  • Visual Identity Creation
  • Market Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Crafting Brand Narratives & Storytelling
  • Brand Consistency Monitoring & Guidelines.
MANE Digital
  • Digital Strategy Implementation
  • Website Development
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Integration of Third-Party Tools (Salesforce and Pardot)
  • User Testing
  • Performance Optimization
  • Quality Assurance
  • Website Launch
  • Post-Launch Monitoring
  • Training & Documentation
Philip Oakley

Philip Oakley


Common Giant

Many B2B vendors try to sell themselves as "partners." It was refreshing to work with Sasha and MANE, who didn't try to sell themselves as partners – they simply proved that they are our partners. From the beginning, Sasha acted as if he were part of our team and guided us through the technical decision-making process to maximize our creativity and messaging. Where some developers may have tried to cut ideas, Sasha took the time to help us explore technical solutions to maximize our project. He's proven himself and MANE to truly be a long-term partner.

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Designs in Flight: Jet It's Realized Layout Gallery

Landing Insights: Reflecting on the Expedition

The journey between Common Giant and MANE Digital illuminates the remarkable outcomes of blending branding with digital strategies. Jet It’s revitalized brand identity and strengthened online presence highlight their joint expertise in launching brands to greater prominence.

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